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About us

Radonova – The global leader in radon measurement

The world’s leading laboratory service for the measurement of radon in the Republic of Ireland

With our modern laboratory in Uppsala, Sweden and customers in over 50 countries, we are the global leader when it comes to measuring radon. We employ over 25 highly trained administrative, technical and laboratory staff who are engaged in production, analysis, sales, technical support plus R & D. Our work is based on a customer-oriented perspective, and our objective is to always surpass your expectations with regard to quality, service and experience.

As an ISO 17025 accredited company we continually monitor our own performance making sure we meet and exceed stated quality and performance standards. We constantly review our procedures and team training to maintain and improve both our technical competence and client satisfaction. Our ability to offer an accurate and precise analysis service ensures reliability at all levels.

History to the Present Day

Radonova, formerly named Landauer Nordic and Gammadata Mätteknik, was founded in 1986 in connection with the Chernobyl accident when a group of researchers at Uppsala University were commissioned by Sweden’s government to measure radioactive fallout inside and outside Sweden. Radonova has been measuring radon on a large scale since 1989 and has built a strong reputation for its quality and professional approach to the subject of radon gas exposure linked to health risks.

In Europe, we belong to the European Radon Association (ERA).

There is a large and growing community in Europe of professionals such as scientists, technologists, public health officials and decision makers working in the radon field. Their areas of interest range from epidemiology, radiation dosimetry, instrument development and measurement protocols, remediation and prevention construction technologies to control strategies and regulation.

In recognition of this the European Radon Association (ERA) has been formed aimed at serving the interests of the European radon community and to assist in reducing the health burden of Radon Exposure in Europe.