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Radon Testing Kits

• Highest quality & accuracy
• Free shipping
• More than 4 million detectors sold


Radon measurement in houses and apartments

Radtrak²® – A detector for reliable long-term measurement of
radon, which provides the correct average annual value.


Rapid radon measurement in houses and apartments

Rapidos® – A detector for indicative results from as little as 10 days exposure.


Radon detectors from the world’s leading laboratory make for the easy measurement of radon in houses and apartments

You can measure for radon in your apartment yourself. Radonova has measured radon in 400,000 apartments and counting – the most of any laboratory in Europe. With us you get:

  • Delivery of radon detectors within one to two days
  • Analysis in less than seven days
  • Measurement accredited according to ISO 17025 and validated by Public Health England
  • Measurement results online with the option to export measurement data

How is radon measurement accurately carried out in an apartment building?

Below are some rules of thumb for calculating radon doses and which apartments to measure if the survey is to be conducted for the whole property:

  • All apartments with ground contact
  • 20 percent of remaining apartments (without ground contact)
  • At least one apartment per floor and per building entrance
  • Apartments where certain types of concrete are suspected of contributing to elevated values
  • Apartments next to elevators or ventilation shafts
  • Basements (regardless of whether they are furnished or not)
  • Note that each apartment must be measured using at least two radon detectors.